Digital marketing the future election campaign strategy

Digital marketing the future election campaign strategy

Traditional way of promoting your candidate is very important at the same time parties have to evolve their election campaign strategy as per the current trend. An important strategy for winning an election is digital marketing. Modern marketing strategies includes marketing under platforms like

  1. Display ads
  2. Social Media marketing
  3. Video marketing

In India, Youth vote is going to determine the win of parties. Getting an youth attracted to your party needs an unconventional way. Parties have to start campaign in the areas where the youths spend their time. In nutshell it is Internet.

Why Display ads needs included in your election campaign strategy?

Display ad is one of the prominent tool that marketing people will use for promoting their business. They target their audience using Location, Interest, Topic and keywords (In our case let us consider keywords like Election in Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu assemble election, your party name, your opposing party name etc). In internet, there are millions and millions of web pages and your banner ads will be shown in the web page only if it satisfies your targeting mode (keywords, Location of visitor, Topic, Interest etc) The main advantage is images will reach into human’s brain than text. Here in display ads, wherever the visitor surfs in internet, the ads will follow them. This strategy is termed as Re-Marketing.

Social media marketing could support your election campaign strategy

There are two ways our post will be feed to the users.

  1. Organic Traffic
  2. Paid Traffic

Organic Traffic is natural process where the reach of the post depends upon its interactions with the user and sometimes it goes viral. But using paid traffic, we can create a viral campaign and that too more positive viral campaign. This helps party to convince the decision of a neutral individual towards their party.

How video ads in Internet will help election campaign?

Video ads are displayed in video streaming sites can help you to pass your party’s message over millions of viewers who’re watching their favorite videos on Internet. It works similar to the TV channel where you could see advertisement between every 10 minutes while you’re watching your favorite programme.

In nutshell, Choosing right digital marketing company can yield maximum exposure to your parties campaign.  Comment below if you’ve any doubts or question.