How to build Right Digital Marketing Strategy

How to build Right Digital Marketing Strategy (Part 1)

In general, only 2 factors decide the result of Digital Marketing.

  1. Success
  2. Failure

Whether you do traditional business or purely an online business you need to know about digital assets first and this should be your first step in marketing management. Digital assets can be mobile app, Facebook fan page, Google +, Twitter, Blog, Forum, Linkedin company page, Instagram etc.  All these digital assets need to be accessed like

Do you need them? Which one do you need? You have to look out for the conversions. Are you attracting quality leads? Which assets are rendering good response?digital marketing strategy

Secondly, to build a winning digital marketing strategy, you’ve to look into the traffic. How many unique visitors you need per month? How many repeat and new visitors?

  1. Bounce rate
  2. Session Duration
  3. Pages per session
  4. User flow
  5. Non performing page

What can be done to improve them? You’ve to find what digital marketing initiatives should be undertaking?

These are the few vital question you have to ask yourself before building  digital marketing campaigns. In case if you’re hiring a digital marketing manager then post them these questions. Internet is huge therefore internet marketing strategies should be build carefully.

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