Terms and Condition

  1. By getting our services you provide full access to promote your business.
  2. You agree that you haven’t start online marketing any where else or you have closed the marketing accounts with your previous marketing company.
  3. The no of visitors/Clicks proposed in the plan may vary with the level of competition for your targeting keywords.
  4. Offers by Bharat Marketing will be valid for customers who’re starting online marketing for the first time.
  5. Bharat Marketing holds the rights to modify its plans without prior information to its customers and you agree that you check the updated plans regularly.
  6. Bharat Marketing will be the sole user to access your marketing campaign and in case if you wish to opt out from our services your campaign will be closed and the entire marketing data will be purged.
  7. Bharat Marketing gives satisfaction guarantee and takes full efforts to make a profitable campaign.
  8. Bharat Marketing provides high quality traffic related to your business, but cannot guarantee sales/sign ups as we don’t have any control over visitors activity.
  9. Bharat Marketing always took high initiatives to promote your business and invest the amount to Google/yahoo-bing network, hence there is no refund after 10 days of start of our services.
  10. Online payment is processed through payumoney and please contact 01246793000 for any payment related queries.
  11. For complaints you can write to ceo@bharatmarketing.co.in